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A little about me

Jill Lyn Sampson, Owner of The Kitchen Sink Salon.

Hey Y'all! 

For those that do not know, I'm a Carolina girl through and through. I'm a lover of all things southern. My greatest joy and treasures are those found in family and friends. Relationships with others is what I value most. My prayer is that TKS is an community that fosters relationships, builds confidence and inner beauty, and lastly, motivates others to spread love to those around them. 

The Kitchen Sink Story~

As a young girl, I was always fascinated by hair. Whether it was playing with my mama's, cousin's or friend's hair, I enjoyed creating different updo's and styles. As I aged, whenever my mom went out, she'd ask me if I wanted anything. You can be sure that whatever my response was, hair magazines were included on that list. 

I would study those magazines, analyzing hair colors, cuts, styles and more. I was always fascinated by the passing trends and styles. When I entered my teen years I was very attentive to each stylist that cut my hair. I memorized techniques, hand positions, stances, detailing and learned the response in the hair that each cut yielded. 

I was 18 years old when my Aunt Carol came home with a "bad hair cut." It was uneven, stray hairs were everywhere, bulky and failed to lay in any sort of fashionable sense. With FULL confidence, after countless visual learning sessions with each of my own cuts, I was positive "I can do a better job than that!" So, with her permission, I had my very first hair client. I cut her hair. I fixed the cut beautifully. She asked me how I knew what to do, I said, "I'm not sure... I just watched others and then did what 'felt' right." I may have not fully known what I was doing during my first cut, however I fully knew that a passion was ignited that has been burning ever since! 

Fast forward 12 years. I have been fueling my passion over the years while cutting friends and family's hair, performed hair and makeup applications for weddings, graduations, photo shoots and more. I began dabbling in photography and would occasionally make a day of it with a client while doing their hair, make up and then ended with a photo shoot. The joy I felt while pampering other women and making them feel beautiful in their own skin is simply unmatched. 

It's taken me a long time to arrive to where I am today. My journey included a long detour as I pursued a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. After working as Dr. Jill Sampson, PT my heart lead me back to my roots, hair. 

Now, I fully appreciate that you're still wondering where the name came from and why you read through such a long back story. Here's why. While I fertilized my seemingly unattainable dream and passion lover the last 12 years, there's been on consistent thing. I always cut hair in the kitchen! To add more depth and meaning to the name, when I sat back to reflect on what means the most to me... it's my family. When I think of all my favorite memories surrounding family gatherings they are always around/in/near the kitchen. I'm sure that it's not just in my family, but when you think of yours, remind yourself how many memories you've stored in your memory files of family gatherings, holidays, late night talks, introductions to friends or significant others, etc. There's countless interactions that have lead to growing relationships through the best and worst of times. 

The Kitchen Sink Salon represents all of those things. It's a place for you to call home. It's a place to catch up with a friend. It's a safe place to unload your worries. It's a place to encourage and build each other up. It's a place to receive prayer. It's a place to grow inward and outwardly! 

The Kitchen Sink Salon is honored to have you as a client. You're a valued friend who is supporting my heart's passion for community. 

My Passions

Piano Keyboard


The piano and I have been in a long term relationship for the last 25 years. It was my first love. I've had various other music pursuits along the way that have included: flute, violin, saxophone, ukulele, and guitar! My next two instruments to learn will be the banjo and cello. 


Mama to Parsley!

Parsley is my 8 year old Goldendoodle. She's the sweetest puppy on the planet and loves everyone. She is overly abundant in energy, to which we can all be jealous.

 Healthy Fruit Salad


I'm an absolute lover of food! I love to eat it, cook it, and bake it. With the exception of bananas, I am a fruit-a-holic! My most favorite cuisines include: Italian, Mexican, Indian, Mediterranean & Caribbean.  

See what people are saying


I’ve never met anyone like Jill Sampson. Her beautiful soul, dedication to Christ, and willingness to help others is infectious. As I sat in her chair, for the first time, I’ve never felt more beautiful. I was brought to tears by her love, and passion for making others feel gorgeous. There is no feeling like being transformed, pampered, and treated by this exceptional woman!  She is the most humble person I’ve ever met. Her passion is way beyond being a hairstylist. Her joy is found in conversing with clients, finding what makes them who they are, or changing their lives- starting with hair. Being in her chair is a privilege. Watching her grow is a blessing. Calling her friend is a honor.  Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet someone that just may change your life. 


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