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Owner of Brightly White Studio, L'Shawn is joining the beauty team at TKS in order to make sure that each person in the wedding has the opportunity to smile with confidence! Check out the before and after's below! 

Same Day Results!!

What are people saying??

For years I've been super discouraged about the discoloration of my teeth over the last number of years. And this is coming from someone who doesn't even drink red wine, and has very minimal coffee intake! Additionally, I was unable to do whitening strips or home remedies due to highly sensitive teeth. When I heard about L'Shawn I was very excited to try and even more blown away by the results! My Confidence is back and so are my pearly whites! Best of all... ZERO Sensitivity!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

- JL


HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! Absolutely stellar service! L'Shawn is incredible at what she does. I've gone multiple times and each time I'm completely thrilled with the result!

Y'all about to feel as bright as your smile!! 

Don't walk, RUN!

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