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2022 Extension PROMO!!

Hello beauty babes!

Have you been dreaming of having those precious mermaid locks? Or! Perhaps it's that Rapunzel hair!? Well Let's do it! It's time to invest back into yourself.

I think that many of us are coming out of this coma we have been living in over the last number of years since covid. Countless others have lost sight of themselves. I can't tell you how many clients sit in my chair with relentless defeat & dissatisfaction with their current hair. They have lost the luster and excitement they once had when staring back at the reflection in the mirror.

Hair loss has been one of the many side effects of Covid. So if you are someone who has experienced this, it's likely that you've also endured a decline in your confidence. Don't let your losses get you down, friends! Don't let negativity win. You're still the gorgeous women you've always been. And if you need help seeing that, come see me! Come chat about what we can do to help you find that spark!

It's amazing what a little confidence boost can do! So in honor of the holiday season, I'm running a HAND-TIED EXTENSION PROMOTION!!

Extensions don't have to be an insanely long term commitment. Maybe you're in a seasonal phase. Waiting for hair to grow through the "awkward stage" (IYKYK, am I right!?), or maybe you need a little added fullness to what you're already working with while your post-covid hair grows back, or maybe you're just ready for a full on makeover just because! Whatever the occasion & timeframe you're looking for - Extensions could be the PERFECT thing for you!

Reach me on IG messenger or text ( 864-415-2406 ) to take your next steps to get back to the beautiful and most confident version of YOU!

- Jill

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