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Invest in your Crown!

Hi Friends! I'm so excited about this post because it's something I have been passionate about for along time and I'm honored to be able to extend new services to y'all! If you keep up with me on social media, you know that I've recently launched my hand-tied extension services! I am certified in the Habit Extension Method through Habit Salon. It's super exciting because if you're into hair, you've likely heard/know of "Hair By Chrissy." Well, The Kitchen Sink Salon is now sporting her same method and techniques to bring bountiful beauty to your tresses.

Chrissy is well known for her extension methods and her boho hairstyles across all social media platforms. Maybe you recognize her or some of her work!?

Chrissy Rasmussen

Hobo Hairstyles

Habit Extension Method

So whether you're looking to add density, length or both, hand-tied extensions offer a healthy option to achieve your hair goals! If you are interested in the method, please reach out with any questions you have. Also keep your eyes peeled for the launching of my new Extension PROMO!

Investing in your hair is an opportunity to invest back into yourself.

- Grow your confidence.

- Believe in yourself.

- You can accomplish anything with a good hair day!

- head back to the main site for booking! -

- Jill Lyn

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