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Researching Extensions?!

Researching Extensions??

Let's Chat Real Quick!

If you're beginning your process and questioning what your having extensions would look like, then read below for a brief overview of the process.

Step 1 - Choose which extension method best accomplishes your needs:

- Overall Look

- Hair Length

- Hair Density

- Hair functionality

  • This choice can vary for each client based on current length, density/thickness, hair health, coloring techniques being utilized

  • Considerations should be made for short and long term goals for the hair in regards to health, growth etc.

Most Common Methods:

  1. hand-tied extensions

  • There are multiple methods out there under different brand names, but all are selling the same service which is the use of a hand-tied weft. Application processes can vary. For example There's the hidden/invisible bead method, habit extension method, natural beaded row (NBR) and more

  • Various types of wefts can be used to accomplish this technique: most types used are hand tied wefts, machine sewn wefts or hybrid wefts

  • There are countless companies that supply the hair that your stylist is able to secure for installation. Highly recommend consulting with your stylist for the best price/range and quality that fits your needs budget

  • This method is increasing in popularity due to the limited load/strain that's placed on the hair. There's no adhesive, bonding, or trauma to the hair with this technique as hair wefts are secured through a small bead.

    • maintenance: ~10 weeks

    • hair longevity: 1-2 years (if well cared for)

  1. tape-in extensions

  • tape adhesive is used to sandwich the hair together through wide planks.

    • maintenance: 6 - 8 weeks

    • hair longevity: 6-9 months

  1. keratin bonding extensions

  • keratin bonding is adhesive type material that's heated and then bonded to the hair with pressing and sometimes rolling techniques to secure to multiple hair strands

    • maintenance 8 - 12 weeks

    • hair longevity: 6-12 months

  1. halo extensions

  • This technique is the quickest option for a night out on the town and you want to add some quick length and thickness to your hair. The hair is hung through a tiny wire/string with hair that extends through the mid and bottom half. it's placed on the head in a "halo" fashion

    • hair longevity: 1-2 years

  1. clip-in extensions

  • This is another option that can be a quick choice for an event or evening out. Multiple pieces come in a pack in order to place hair throughout the head to achieve thickness and volume.

    • hair longevity: 1-2 years

Step 2: Seek a trusted & experienced professional!

- Ladies: This is an investment in yourself. You're depositing funds back into your confidence, your security, your crown and so much more.

- Choose a stylist that uses quality products, techniques and hair to ensure you're getting the most return on your investment.

- Choose a stylist that educates you properly on your own hair first and foremost, but also how to best care for the extension method of your choosing. There are differences for each one and it's important to have an understanding of how hair care routines will change.

- Choose a stylist that can still give you the color and blend needed to achieve your best look

Step 3: manage expectations!

- This can be a tough one for anyone! You aren't alone. Realize that quality hair comes at a quality price. You WILL get what you pay for. I you want to go with the cheapest option: special considerations and possibilities will come with that. Poor techniques used can cause damage and abrasions to the scalp, can lead to greater hair loss, alopecia, pain etc.

- Below I'm listing some prices ranges as you begin your search to help give you an idea of ballpark prices ranges:

- prices WILL vary depending on length, desired thickness, (Yes ladies, we can add more!) color options, alterations (if needed) to any of the color for blending with your hair

- Pricing investments include:

  • individual wefts

  • customized placement w/ assessment of each hair pattern's needs

  • education for personal hair & extension hair

  • quality professional application techniques used

  • All professional tools used to achieve proper installation.

  • blending & haircut for all hair

  • color matching/blending

  • luxury starter kit

  • educational handouts for hair care at home

  • tips and tricks for maintaining extension hair health

  • photo content of transformation: before & afters

  • model/media opportunities

  • becoming a VIP client and receiving appointment priority


I'm always happy to discuss and educate if you still have questions or if you're looking to take on next steps!

Step 4 - Submit an extension form through my website!

- visit the extensions page and fill out the online submission form which will inbox me so we can begin our journey together!

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