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Visiting The Kitchen Sink Salon

What's it like visiting The Kitchen Sink? Many have asked and I'm here to tell you! We are located inside "My Salon Suites" which is located just off Woodruff road. Most people have that "a ha" moment when I tell them we are located right I front of Trader Joe's. ;) My Salon Suites offers both guests and small business owners the comfort and safety of providing services in a secure location that operates with a double lock door system. During regular hours you may enter into the lobby. Once inside, make your way to the call box located to the left of the door. On the keypad, dial 1-0-4 and the call bell. This will ring my suite where I am able to identify what client is calling me via cam system before allowing entrance into the building. Once entering the building make your way to the right and my suite will be on the right just around the corner.

I'm excited to tell you that your service time is just for you! It's not a hair mill where someone slaps on your color and then races off to 5 other clients while you're processing. We have the unique opportunity to establish a detailed road map for your hair goals and execute them with personalized care.

TKS is also a safe space. Whether you need to cut loose and bring a few drinks and relax, or just want to decompress in the quiet space the option is yours. We support whatever the needs are during that time, because all of them are important and we are here to serve you!

Mask wearing is not required during your visit unless it's your choice. You are free to do what makes you feel most comfortable during your session.

The presence of children is not recommended for your session. Not because they aren't allowed, but as a recommendation to protect and guard your own personal time that you desperately need and deserve! In the case that child care isn't an option please don't hesitate to discuss the best option with Jill. First and foremost we want to look out for you and the scarce time you've allowed yourself to get pampered!

Adult beverages aren't served during your session, but you are more than welcome to bring them to your appointment. Please remember, if you choose to partake during your session to drink responsibly or have a responsible DD come pick you up at the end of your time at TKS. ;)

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